Pk Rubber V-Ribbed Belt

Pk Rubber V-Ribbed Belt

Our PK Rubber V-Ribbed Belt has soft and tough house as flat belt and restricted and efficient house as V belt&period of time

Transmission electrical power so large that at the very same issue its thirty&percnt greater than widespread V belts&period

With restricted transmission method&comma at the identical transmission power&comma its occupied area is 25&percnt scaled-down than typical V belt&interval

Flat and soft belt is appropriate not only for transmission of small pulley but also for substantial-velocity transmission with pace of 40m&sols&comma Aside from its traits as slight vibration&comma number of warmth diverge and regular operating&time period
Anti-heat&comma anti-oil&comma anti-putting on out couple of elongation and prolonged life&time period

V-Ribbed Belt use of uncooked supplies
Chloroprene rubberV-Ribbed Belt has particular cold and heat resistance&comma not only can be excellent resistance flexor flexible&comma anti-aging and the ageing of ozone-resistant than regular unsaturated rubber very good&comma but its a great oil resistance&comma solvent resistance and chemical balance&comma by adding limited fiber reinforcement can face up to greater lateral stress&comma wedge stress with escalating efficiency&comma reducing tension after deformation&period of time

EPDMV-Ribbed Belt in anti-growing older particularly anti-ageing and ozone resistance climate&comma a lot more sexual heat growing older good&comma but its electric powered insulation homes&comma corrosion-resistant chemical&comma elastic shock better &lparat lower temperature overall flexibility to maintain good efficiency&rpar&period of time
PH Rubber V-Ribbed Belt
PJ Rubber V-Ribbed Belt
PK Rubber V-Ribbed Belt
PL Rubber V-Ribbed Belt
PM Rubber V-Ribbed Belt

Pk Rubber V-Ribbed Belt