Hot Galvanized Poultry Farm Equipment Layer Chicken Egg Cage

Hot Galvanized Poultry Farm Equipment Layer Chicken Egg Cage

H Body LAYER CAGE Method
The H frame layer cage system construction and the sections of cages are created of galvanized sheet and sizzling dippedgalvanized wires bearing ISO 9001 High quality Certification. The area impress protect of these resources, are equal to substantial standards. It is turning out to be the most common and excellent choices to the poultry farms all over the world. 

A.THE Major Design OF THE CAGE System

Availability to change the necessary stage of feeds thanks to the feeding method consisting of feed cart(trolley hopper) and dispenser equipment that are automated and manufactured of galvanized sheet and dyed sheet. All feeding technique are related with the feed silo(with feed elevator and silo weighing system) and operated computerized.

Tiers three 4 5 6 7 eight
Height(mm) 2714 3414 4114 5300 6000 6700

The cage technique is designed to be strong in opposition to earth movements. Primary development of the cage system is composed of the legs, which are positioned in every 84 cm lengthwise, and the vast dependent link models with adjustable bolts.
Watering system is consisting of PVC content sq. condition pipe, nipple drinkers, which is produced of plastic and stainless metal in red coloration, in each area and the bottom plastic drop catcher in V form.and all nipple drinkers will be fitted with the squarepipes currently and packed by carton and plastic luggage exterior for safety before shipment

Sections facet walls are produced of galvanized wire and galvanized steel sheets which will be fitted jointly in factory just before shipment.Hence, far more gentle and a lot more successful ventilation are ensured,and set up workload lowered and all tools regular can be held properly simply because of less motion of the part sides.
Eggs can achieve very easily to the egg belt owing to well bevel foundation wires. In this way, cracked and dirtiness can be lowered at minimal degree

B- Ingesting System
There are two-3 nipple drinkers for every two cage sections on the PVC pipes which are positioned among two cage sections lengthwise the cage row. the “V” condition leakage gutter underneath the h2o pipes, retains the water drops and avoid the drops to achieve the manure belt, for that reason a drier manure is obtained.
A water regulator is located on every tier and every single row of the cage, It offer the water from the drinking water line to the pipes, through reservoirs with the appropriate force. The filters and the medicator(DOSATRON of France) to clean the water and preserve health of all chickens.

It is the feeding system with feed carts. Towards the inconveniences of chain feeding system trigger decomposition feed,obese to cage building and low produce in feeding program with feed carts, many thanks to feed adjustment apparatus which is designed specifically, feed is distributed hygienically, homogeneous, mixed and similarly.

In this program, feed is dispersed automatically to the feed carts from the feed silos by the spiral augers situated in a pipe with 90-one hundred fifty mm diameter. The Augers materials manufactured in South Africa, also the very best good quality CZPT.
Feed carts are moved by metal cables and ,seventy five-one.fifty HP(according to the chicken residence size and hopper) electrical equipment motors in excess of the rails that are positioned on the best of the cages.
Feed troughs are specially created in order to distribute the feed in equivalent amount to reach tier and to avoid the feeds to be
scattered outside the feed trough. Hence, waste of feed is in least stage and refreshing is presented to layers. Also that system
steer clear of to pick the feed when the levels feeding. And this gives that has exhausted content material of all feed.

D- AUCZPTTIC EGG Assortment Program
Automated egg selection unit made of galvanized sheet and apparatus developed by our advanced personal manufacturing machines, the egg bands and elevate engine powers are .75 -one.fifty HP.
The egg bands made of import fabric and the joint parts made of plastic sheets. The egg belts, which are situated lengthwise the cage row, towed by the egg assortment heads. These jute egg belts and the egg-holding wire meshes are made in buy to prevent the eggs crash. The egg bands are anti static and not hold dust, and there is one egg brush in each end of the cage rows, therefore, eggs are thoroughly clean and they are ideal for foods safety.
Unique brushes are put finish of all lines for cleaning egg belts.

It is made up of lift method which attain every tiers by relocating up and down.the body off egg conveyor manufactured of stainless steel sheet, consisting of chain and rod, which are also stainless steel wires, and elevate technique bearing the reducer.the egg conveyor engine energy is ,seventy five HP.
With the elevator lifting program, the eggs are gathered from each and every tier and transported to the asked for spot and distance. In this way, the eggs can collect with minimum vitality.
As program can be turned ninety + ninety degree with bends, egg cracking is prevented CZPT any transmission and program can be tailored very easily for egg selection and grading machines.

The automatic egg selection conveyor shall be shipped to the egg assortment centre to be created by the purchaser.This sort of egg assortment center is believed to consider element at a length of eight-10 mt. at most from the previous creating.

E- MANURE Removing Program
Manure is cleaned and discharged by the Polypropylene (PP) manure belts of one.ten mm thickness. These PP belts are positioned beneath each tier and row of the cages and towed by push reducer engines to clear the manure in a flawless way.This robust and robust construction is operated CZPT difficulty even in very lengthy hen properties. Rollers and the scrapers positioned on every tier and row spills the manure to the discharging manure conveyor at the stop of the hen-residence and the manure is eliminated from the hen-house by this discharging manure conveyor.

A go over has been positioned at again of the manure belts for keep away from splashing and not to make dirty hen residence and transfer the manure to the conveyor as dandy.
The manure belt is made of white PP product which created in Italy, the best quality we can get all more than the world now. The belt method is consisting of front cap rollers stretching and inside scrapping off apparatus as nicely as the rear scrapping off rollers, pressing balls, external scrapping off equipment, conveyor drive techniques and the electrical reducer engines.

Horizontal manure conveyor : The rubber band in thickness of six mm including the wire cloth running on galvanized pipes at galvanized design and the front rear rollers, reducer motor
Vertical manure conveyor : The rubber band in thickness of 6 mm which includes the cord fabric running on galvanized pipes at galvanized development and the front rear rollers, reducer motor.
The motor for the manure conveyor is lined by the galvanized steel sheets in scenario of the powerful CZPT, rain, h2o, etc.and the electrical power can be changed as distinct conveyor size.

Q1:How many types of layer rooster cage?
A1: We have two types,A type and H type .
A variety have two models,3tiers and 4 tiers.
H variety have 6 designs including 3 tiers,4 tiers,5tiers,6tiers,8 tiers. 
Q2:How significantly per set cage?
A2:Distinct design,cost is different.In addition,there are other complement equipments.
Require know how many birds you want to rear,then we can give you a particular cost checklist
with home size.
Q3:How long is the warrenty?
A3:one year.
This autumn:Who is in cost of put in ?
A4:Our organization will ship two engineers to your country to guide set up
and provide coaching.
Q5:How to make contact with you?
A5:Beneath is my make contact with techniques.Or send out inquiry information in the under,click on”Deliver”now

Hot Galvanized Poultry Farm Equipment Layer Chicken Egg Cage