Brevini High Torque Planetary Gearboxes Slw3003 SL6003 SL8503 SL4003

Brevini High Torque Planetary Gearboxes Slw3003 SL6003 SL8503 SL4003

 CZPT Substantial Torque Planetary Gearboxes SLW3003 SL6003 SL8503 SL4003
CWD2050.1C/CF/forty nine.5/A.D BREVINI GEARBOX Entire SALE
planetary gear CTU3500 CTU3300 CTU3200 CTU3700 REDUCER CZPT Gearbox forCZPT CZPT CZPT  Road roller  ,paver , reducer , wheel gear box.  CZPT Large Torque Planetary Gearboxes SLW3003
rexroth Item Software:
CZPT GFT a hundred and ten GFT80 CZPT Reducers For Concrete Mixers
Excavators CZPT Closing Winch Drive Gearbox gft60 gft17 GFT a hundred and ten GFT80 Reducers
GFT80 GFT160 Reducer Gearbox CZPT CZPT Gearbox For Excavators

GFT walking reducer is broadly utilised in rotary drilling rig strolling, the principal winch, modest dimensions, compact composition, large output torque, effortless set up, immediate link with the going for walks tire,

GFT hydrostatic transmission (journey reducer / travel motor) is a gear or chain push automobiles and other mobile gadgets best push. In addition, where there is movement, rotation and rotation are relevant. Due to its particularly compact development, the GFT transmission can also be utilized where the set up surroundings is extremely tough. The use of surface area hardened gears and quenched and tempered and surface area nitrided gears, coupled with good manufacturing high quality, allows the device to have outstanding load carrying capability and operational reliability.
 Brake: CZPT loaded, hydraulically launched spring stress in the actuator – Multi-disc – Stop brake. Collectively: multi-chip parking brake. Each time required, even at the project phase, we are constantly ready to recommend you on how to find the most suited resolution for you.

HangCZPT Yuan Yi CZPT Equipment Co., Ltd. is found in the provincial cash of HangCZPT, ZheJiang Province, brokers and distribution of foreign effectively-acknowledged manufacturers CZPT, Sauer CZPT Gearbox Sun Equipment CTU3300 CTU3500

CZPT control elements of the engineering-oriented enterprises. Fully commited to providing buyers with high-good quality hydraulic management components and hydraulic technique design, upkeep, and so forth.

Surface solutions. The organization has long been properly-known with overseas hydraulic enterprises to preserve close cooperative partnership to make certain that the unique items for customers for buyers

To offer quick response and extensive pre-sale, revenue, following-income service offer sensible, preferential goods. Company’s major items are: import CZPT

, Sauer Danfoss hydraulic piston pumps, motors, equipment pumps, reducer assembly and components. China-manufactured effectively-recognized brand names Xihu (West Lake) Dis. hydraulic expert product sales. community

Division consumers in the mixing truck, underground scraper, grain combine harvesters, ship equipment, concrete pump truck, coal mining machinery, street rollers,

Paver, port machinery, oilfield equipment, rotary drilling rig and other industries supporting the application.

Bundle merchandise:

MF21, PV22, MF22, PV23, MF23, and so on, which are extensively used in agriculture, forestry, agriculture,

MV23, PV23 + PV23 double piston pump, and motor.

Performing Product sales:

Bosch CZPT: A2F, A6V, A7V, A8V, A11VO, A4VG, A10VSO.

Kawasaki: K3V, K3VG, K5V.

Linde: HPV-02, HPR-02, HMF-02, HMV-02.

SAUER: ninety series, 40 series, forty five collection, twenty collection, this sort of as assembly and equipment

Companies to undertake professional import hydraulic pump, motor fix, commissioning, and supply totally free advisory services.

CZPT machinery:

Digging machine, paver, road roller, push, paver, drilling equipment, bulldozer, heavy digging device, street mixer and so on.

Brevini High Torque Planetary Gearboxes Slw3003 SL6003 SL8503 SL4003