AG Machinery Low Consumption Industrial Fish Feed Dryer for Sale

AG Machinery Low Consumption Industrial Fish Feed Dryer for Sale

 Continuous Mesh Belt Variety Fish Feed Pellet Drying Products

1.  Application

The belt dryer is mostly for mass generation of ongoing drying great permeability sheet, strips, granules and grainy resources. This sequence dryer has the advantages of large drying speed, high evaporation depth and excellent high quality final product.

two.  CZPT Parameters

1)  Products identify: constant mesh belt kind drying device.
2)  Mesh belt width: .5-1.five mm
three)  Mesh belt levels: can be 3, 5, seven layer (diverse capability and grain dampness demands distinct levels and drying case size)
4)  Drying temperature: eighty-150 diploma
5)  Water evaporation potential: twenty-one hundred twenty kg/h
6)  Mesh belt feeding pace: 2-9 m/h (frequency speed regulation)
seven)  Heating method: Optional with electrical heating, steam heating (steam press is .three-.6Mpa), oil heating and many others to be heat source. Most frequently used electrical heating and steam heating.

3.  Working Basic principle

The material is evenly unfold on the mesh belt the content receives moved from the CZPT to discharging facet by motor push, total the drying procedure.

Beneath the motion of the circulating supporter, the air inside drying circumstance goes by way of mesh belt turn to materials. Air initial goes by way of steam exchanger or warmth pipe reach to essential drying temperature. Then touches mesh belt levels, comprehensive the heat transfer approach.

At that minute, the air temperature goes down, drinking water material enhanced, component of the wet air discharged by fan, the other component mixes with normal temperature air cycle for 2nd drying in order to achieve the complete utilization of vitality.

Temperature and dampness within the scenario can be controlled by mixed unit of remove moisture and steam provide electrical heating temperature control unit.

At the conclude of drying period of time, if require to awesome down the item, just turn off steam valve or electric powered heating system to stop the heating, by way of the suction of standard temperature air to great the products.

4.  Main Structure

1)  Transmission method

Adopts mesh belt motor (frequency velocity management) + reducer + chain transmission mix construction. Mesh belt working speed can be accomplished by altering motor running frequency.

2)  Conveying system

CZPT technique consists of driving wheel, conveyor chain, tensioning gadget, supporting rod and mesh belt. The two sides of chain are connected through a supporting rod, a chain wheel and steel rail positioning. Mesh belt is set on the supporting rod, operate together with chain and rod. Driving wheel is mounted at the discharging facet.

3)  Drying place

The drying place is divided into primary area and air ducting two components. It has the observation door at the major drying place the pendent layout of base is handy for cleaning the gathered material.

4)  Temperature management

Steam Auto manage electromagnetic valve, controls drying temperature of every components, manual valve unit is largely set in accordance to the metal thermometer there is certainly a temperature controller at the electric powered cabinet for electric powered heating.

5)  CZPT control technique

See the principle diagram of electric powered handle

AG Machinery Low Consumption Industrial Fish Feed Dryer for Sale