45kg High Precision 24V 360degree Absolute Position Magnetic Code Servo

45kg High Precision 24V 360degree Absolute Position Magnetic Code Servo

Feetech SM45BL All Metallic 45kg Magnetic Code HV 24V 360 degree RS485 CZPT Shaft with Bracket Modbus RTU Brushless Servo


SM45BL robotic servo adopts innovative servo control engineering and 32 little bit large pace ARM microprocessor, quick reaction, exact positioning CZPT jitter. In contrast to the conventional RC servo 50Hz handle frequency, the SM45BL collection robot servo by means of the handle frequency of up to 333Hz, to make certain the accuracy of placement management and maintain the balance of the moment. The SM40BL robotic servo employs 12 bits substantial precision magnetic encoder to evaluate the position, the servo output shaft might rotate continually for a total 7 days, the movement torque output is as large as 45kgf.cm. SM45BL has serial bus interface, the 254 robotic servo can form a chain through the bus. Each servo can be established with diverse node addresses, numerous servo wheels can be unified movement can also be a single independent manage. The conversation instruction set of SM45BL is completely open, and the servo communicates with the host personal computer via the asynchronous serial interface. The SM45BL can be set to both the motor method or the placement control method by sending commands through the asynchronous serial interface. In motor manner, SM45BL can be employed as DC motor, speed adjustable in situation manage manner, -360 degrees and multi circle arbitrary complete and relative angle can be controlled in this selection with precise placement handle overall performance, speed management. SM45BL robot servo and the founder of the multi – directional set up, person-friendly flexible design.

Solution Information

Tem NO.: SM40BL SM45BL Dimensions: forty six.5*28.5*34mm Weight: 100g MAX Speed: 65RPM@12V 70RPM@24V Diploma: -360° Torque: 40kg.cm@12V 45kg.cm@24V Solution Description Huge Torque:45Kg. cm Big Angle:+_thirty thousand turns(Arbitrary absolute relative) DC 24V energy supply .088 degree Place resolution Dual output shaft,suit for robotic joint High precision all steel equipment established,CZPT ball bearing Full Aluminium alloyCNC scenario,Very good cooling result Situation servo handle manner ,rotation assortment -360°and a lot of turns Arbitrary absolute relative angle. In the velocity management method ,can be steady rotation,change speed Duplex asynchronous T T L / 4 eight 5 Interaction degree Daisy chain relationship, 254 ID can pick High reach 1M Baud rate 333Hz servo update price Can give opinions on placement,temperature,voltage,velocity and recent load Use open FT SCS Serial asynchronous communication protocol Application Discipline SM45BL It has the rewards of massive angle complete angle and controllable relative angle,According to the application of the robot, the structure is optimized. Its best software discipline is: Modest humanoid robotic Little joint robotic Small Bionic robot Robotic wheel,Observe drive CZPT automation necessitating simple position manage

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CZPTBox (A servo + accent) x1

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45kg High Precision 24V 360degree Absolute Position Magnetic Code Servo